Affiliate Disclosure

Affiliate Disclosure

At, we strive to provide our readers with honest and accurate reviews of the best dating sites and apps available on the market today. We understand that many people rely on us for unbiased information when it comes to choosing a service or product, so transparency is important to us in order to maintain trust between ourselves and our readers.

This disclosure page outlines how we make money from affiliate links featured within some of our content pieces as well as other sponsored posts across this website (“Affiliate Links”). It also explains what you can expect from these affiliations should you choose click through them after reading one of our articles or blog posts here at (the “Website”).

By using Affiliate Links throughout this Website, we may receive monetary compensation if you decide purchase any products/services offered by companies linked via an Affiliate Link posted anywhere within this Website; however please note that all opinions expressed are still 100% independent regardless whether they have been influenced by potential commissions received through said links or not.. Furthermore, although there are various types of services advertised via such affiliates which include subscription-based models where payments must be made monthly/yearly etc., none will ever affect the amount paid out unless stated otherwise in writing beforehand either directly on the site itself or elsewhere online – i.e.: social media platforms like Twitter & Facebook etc..

Additionally whilst most partners pay a commission based upon each sale generated – depending upon their own internal policy structures – certain programs offer additional incentives such as cashback rewards instead which could benefit both parties involved even further than just standard percentage rate fees alone! This type arrangement would typically require customers signing up first before being eligible though so always check carefully prior making any purchases accordingly…

Finally rest assured knowing that every single review published here has been thoroughly researched beforehand taking into account customer feedback ratings too whenever possible alongside conducting thorough testing procedures involving staff members personally trying out different features associated with each platform reviewed including pricing plans plus much more besides! As part time bloggers who don’t work full hours researching everything takes considerable effort yet ultimately makes sure only trustworthy recommendations get shared publicly ensuring everyone gets maximum value whatever budget size allocated….