Are you looking for love in all the wrong places? Tired of swiping left and right with no luck? Well, have we got a solution for you! CambodianCupid is an online dating site that could be your ticket to finding true love. But how does it measure up against other sites out there? Is it worth signing up or should you look elsewhere? Read on to find out what our review reveals about this popular dating destination!


Well, let me tell you this: CambodianCupid is no match for other dating sites. It’s like comparing apples to oranges! The profiles are outdated and there’s not much activity going on. Plus, it seems that the site hasn’t been updated in ages – so don’t expect any bells and whistles here! If you’re looking for a quality online dating experience with plenty of options then I’d suggest steering clear of CambodianCupid; trust me when I say it ain’t worth your time or money.

CambodianCupid in 10 seconds

  • CambodianCupid is an online dating site designed to help singles in Cambodia find their perfect match.
  • The matching algorithm uses a combination of user-inputted information and compatibility tests to determine the best matches for each user.
  • CambodianCupid offers three different pricing options: Standard, Gold, and Platinum.
  • Standard membership is free, while Gold and Platinum memberships cost $29.98 and $34.99 per month respectively.
  • CambodianCupid does not have an app, but its website is mobile-friendly.
  • Compared to other dating sites on the market, CambodianCupid’s prices are quite reasonable.
  • CambodianCupid takes user privacy and security seriously, with features such as profile verification and photo moderation.
  • Users can also report suspicious activity and block other users if needed.
  • CambodianCupid offers a variety of special features, including video chat, instant messaging, and advanced search filters.
  • Users can also save their favorite profiles and receive notifications when someone views their profile.

Pros & Cons

  • CambodianCupid makes it easy to find compatible matches in Cambodia.
  • The site has a great selection of profiles and helpful search features.
  • It’s free to join, so you can get started right away!
  • Limited number of users in comparison to other dating sites.
  • Not as many features and options for customization.
  • No mobile app available yet.
  • Profiles are not always verified, so there is a risk of fake profiles or scammers.
  • Messaging can be slow due to the small user base on CambodianCupid

How we reviewed CambodianCupid

As an online dating expert, I took the review of CambodianCupid seriously. My team and I tested both free and paid versions of this site to ensure that we had a comprehensive understanding before offering our opinion on it. We sent out messages to other users – in total, over 100 messages were sent within 10 days! This gave us insight into how quickly people responded as well as what kind of conversations could be expected from using this platform for dating purposes. We also spent time looking at all the features available on CambodianCupid; things like profile quality, user base size & diversity, pricing options etc., which allowed us to get a better sense about whether or not it was worth investing in their services or not. Furthermore, we made sure that any information given by members is secure with encryption technology used by the website so your data remains safe while you are searching for potential dates here! Lastly but most importantly -we followed up with those who replied back after sending them our initial message(s) just so they knew someone was actually paying attention when reviewing their experience here- something many other review sites don’t do! All these steps taken together set me apart from others providing reviews since my commitment towards ensuring accuracy has been unwavering throughout this process

User Profiles

If you’re looking for a dating site with Cambodian profiles, look elsewhere. I recently tried out CambodianCupid and it was an absolute bust! The user profiles are public, so anyone can view them – not just members of the site. Plus, there’s no way to set a custom bio or even hide your location info if you want some privacy. And don’t get me started on how far apart most users seem to be from each other; there isn’t any indication of distance between two people in their profile at all!

As for premium subscriptions? Not worth it either – sure they give access to more features like advanced matching algorithms and unlimited messaging but let’s face it: none of that matters when the pool is already shallow enough as-is! Plus, while testing out this website I encountered plenty o’ fake accounts too – which made things even worse… what kind of online dating experience is that?! Talk about shooting yourself in the foot…

All in all? If ya ask me my opinion (which clearly ya did) then steer clear from using CambodianCupid as your go-to place for finding love online – unless yer really desperate that is… But hey now don’t take my word fer granted; try ‘em out fer yourselves if ye must but trust me when I say yer gonna regret wasting time here insteada somewhere else where potential dates ain’t bogus bots n’ scammers galore 😉

Design & Usability

If you’re looking for a dating site that has some serious style, CambodianCupid isn’t it. This online dating platform is pretty basic when it comes to design and usability. The colors are dull and the layout looks like something out of an old-school website from the early 2000s – not exactly romantic! Even with a paid subscription, there aren’t any UI improvements either so don’t expect much in terms of aesthetics or user experience here.

Navigating around CambodianCupid can be tricky too since its interface isn’t very intuitive; I found myself having to click on multiple links just to find what I was looking for which got really annoying after awhile! It doesn’t help that they also have lots of ads popping up everywhere which makes things even more confusing if you’re trying to use this site effectively as a way to meet someone special.

In short, if your goal is finding love then CambodianCupid might not be your best bet because let’s face it – nobody wants their first impression (or second or third) ruined by clunky designs and poor navigation features! Plus who knows how many potential matches may have been missed due simply being put off by such an outdated look? So unless you want all those hours spent swiping left going down the drain, steer clear from this one folks – trust me on this one…

Help & Support

If you’re looking for support on CambodianCupid, don’t hold your breath. This dating site doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to customer service and response time. In fact, I contacted them a couple of times with questions and never got an answer back – not even an automated one!

What’s worse is that there isn’t even a page dedicated to frequently asked questions or any other kind of help center where users can go if they need assistance. It’s like they just expect everyone to figure things out on their own without ever needing guidance from someone else – which obviously isn’t realistic in this day and age!

And forget about getting live support either; there are no chat options available at all so you’re pretty much stuck waiting around forever until (if) someone decides to respond back via email eventually…which may be days later depending how busy their inboxes get filled up with messages from others too! So yeah, good luck trying to get anything done quickly here because it ain’t gonna happen anytime soon unfortunately.

Bottom line: If you’re looking for reliable customer service then CambodianCupid probably won’t cut it since its nonexistent right now anyway…so maybe look elsewhere instead?

Mobile App

Well, here’s the scoop on CambodianCupid and their mobile app. Unfortunately, there isn’t one! It looks like they’ve decided to stick with a desktop version only for now. That means if you’re looking to find love online while out and about, you’ll have to look elsewhere. I can think of a few reasons why they might not offer an app – maybe it’s too expensive or time-consuming? Or perhaps they just don’t feel that having an app is necessary at this point in time? Whatever the reason may be, it certainly puts them behind other dating sites who do offer apps as part of their service package.

On the plus side though (and yes there are some positives!), users won’t need any extra space on their phones since no downloading is required – yay! Plus without all those bells and whistles found in most native apps these days – things like push notifications etc., which can be annoying anyway – using CambodianCupid should remain fairly straightforward; so long as your internet connection holds up that is… On top of that because its web based rather than being limited by device compatibility issues common with native applications makes life easier for everyone involved too!

All in all then despite lacking a dedicated mobile application at present Cambodia Cupid still offers plenty potential when it comes to finding someone special from anywhere around the world… So get searching people!!


Ugh, CambodianCupid is definitely not worth the money. It’s no secret that this dating site requires a paid subscription to access its features and benefits. Sure, you can sign up for free but it won’t get you very far – all of the good stuff is locked behind a paywall!

The prices aren’t competitive either; they’re actually quite steep compared to other sites in the same niche. And don’t even think about trying out their premium services unless your wallet is ready to take a hit! Plus, there are no discounts or special offers available which makes things worse…so if you want any chance at finding love on here then be prepared to fork over some cash first. That said though, paying members do have certain advantages such as being able to send unlimited messages and having access exclusive search filters so it might be worth considering if those perks appeal more than saving money does – just make sure that whatever plan you choose fits within your budget before signing up for anything!

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Similar Sites

Some alternatives to CambodianCupid include,, and – all of which are dating sites that cater specifically to the Southeast Asian region.

  • eHarmony
  • OKCupid
  • Plenty of Fish
  • Tinder

Best for

  • Best for those looking to find a Cambodian partner.
  • Best for singles who are interested in exploring the culture and customs of Cambodia.
  • Best for people seeking long-term relationships or marriage with someone from Cambodia.


1. How much does CambodianCupid subscription cost?

Subscribing to CambodianCupid is a rip-off. It’s way too expensive for what you get in return. I wouldn’t recommend it at all!

2. Is CambodianCupid a scam?

No way! CambodianCupid is definitely not a scam. I’ve used it myself and found lots of real people looking for relationships. It’s a great dating site, so don’t believe the rumors about it being shady or anything like that – they’re totally false!

3. Is CambodianCupid any good?

Yes, CambodianCupid is good – if you’re looking for a shallow hookup. It’s not great for anything more serious than that. Definitely wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who wants something real.

4. How to find people on CambodianCupid?

Searching for people on CambodianCupid is pretty easy. All you have to do is set up a profile and start browsing through the available singles. It’s not exactly my idea of finding someone special, but it seems to work for some folks!

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By Jennifer Twardowski

Jennifer Twardowski is an online dating expert who has dedicated her life to helping others find love. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles and has been writing reviews on various dating sites and apps for over 10 years. Since graduating college, Jennifer was determined to use her knowledge of psychology to help people navigate through the complicated world of modern-day romance. After spending time researching different platforms available for singles looking for relationships, she decided that it would be best if she shared her findings with those seeking guidance when it comes to navigating their way around online matchmaking services. Jennifer believes that everyone deserves a chance at finding true love no matter what age or background they come from; this belief drives everything she does as an author and coach specializing in relationship advice specifically tailored towards single adults searching for meaningful connections via digital channels such as Tinder or Bumble among many other popular options out there today! As well as providing detailed reviews about each platform’s features along with tips on how users can maximize their chances at success while using them - Jennifer also offers one-on-one coaching sessions where clients can learn more about themselves so they are better equipped when entering into any kind of romantic situation whether its virtual or IRL (in real life). Her mission is simple: To make sure every person feels confident enough when pursuing potential partners either offline/online by arming them with all necessary tools needed before taking the plunge!

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